DVD Resources

Many Christians long to study their faith more deeply. However, most are not able to go away to college or seminary, and often their local church does not have the resources to run basic courses in theology. For a number of years, St Paul’s Theological Centre has run School of Theology. This course is now being made available to other churches, to help them run their own basic introduction to theology within their local communities.

School of Theology consists of three tracks:

  • FaithTrack – Introduction to Systematic Theology
  • BibleTrack – An introduction to the Bible
  • LifeTrack – Introduction to Christian living

All three tracks are available for churches to run. Each box set costs £45.99 and is available to buy at alphashop.org.

Accompanying each box set is a leaders’ guide, talk outlines, small group questions and full instructions on how to run the course in the best possible way. These printable resources can be accessed via this page, with the username and password provided in each of the DVD box sets.

Free Resources

In this section you can find free downloads of some of the talks given at the School of Theology.

BibleTrack 1

These DVDs offer ten one-hour talks on five topics, and are given by Peter Walker, Andrew Emerton, Graham Tomlin and Jeremy Duff. They cover the following topics:

  • Bible Overview (Part 1+2) - Peter Walker
  • The Pentateuch (Part 1+2) - Andrew Emerton
  • Wisdom Literature (Part 1+2) - Graham Tomlin
  • The Gospels (Part 1+2) - Jeremy Duff
  • The Catholic Epistles (Part 1+2) - Graham Tomlin
BibleTrack 2

These DVDs offer ten one-hour talks on five topics, and are given by Andrew Emerton, Jane Williams, N. T. Wright and Chris Tilling. They cover the following topics:

  • The Prophets (Part 1+2) - Andrew Emerton
  • Luke and Acts (Part 1+2) - Jane Williams
  • New Creation (Part 1+2) - Prof N. T Wright
  • St. Paul’s Letters (Part 1+2) - Chris Tilling
  • Reading the Bible (Part 1+2) - Jane Williams

These DVDs comprise nine separate one-hour teaching sessions, given by Jane Williams, Michael Lloyd and Graham Tomlin, and cover the following topics: 

  • The Character of God (Graham Tomlin) 
  • Creation (Jane Williams) 
  • Sin, Evil and the Fall (Michael Lloyd) 
  • Incarnation (Jane Williams) 
  • The Death of Christ (Graham Tomlin) 
  • Jesus’ Resurrection and Ascension (Jane Williams) 
  • The Holy Spirit (Graham Tomlin) 
  • The Trinity (Michael Lloyd) 
  • Fulfilment (Michael Lloyd) 
  • Extended Questions and Answers (Graham Tomlin, Jane Williams and Michael Lloyd)
LifeTrack 1

These DVDs offer ten one-hour talks on five topics, and are given by Professor David Ford, Andrew Emerton, Graham Tomlin and Michael Lloyd and Paul Woolley. They cover the following topics:

  • Theology and Living Wisely (Part 1+2) - Prof David Ford
  • Can you Trust the Bible? (Part 1+2) - Andrew Emerton
  • Is Religion Bad for You? (Part 1+2) - Graham Tomlin
  • God in a World of Pain (Part 1+2) - Michael Lloyd
  • Pluralism (Part 1+2) - Paul Woolley
LifeTrack 2

These DVDs offer ten one-hour talks on six topics, and are given by Stephen Backhouse, Charlie Mackesy, Sean Doherty, Dave Bookless and Mark Greene. They cover the following topics:

  • Making Christian Choices - Stephen Backhouse
  • Christianity and the Arts (Part 1+2) - Charlie Mackesy
  • Christianity and Sex - Sean Doherty
  • Christianity and the Environment (Part 1+2) - Dave Bookless
  • Christianity and Politics (Part 1+2) - Stephen Backhouse
  • Faith and Work (Part 1+2) - Mark Greene