At St Pauls Theological Centre (SPTC), our vision is to see theology at the heat of the church enabling people to grow in their knowledge and understanding of God as they follow Jesus Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit

The journey of SPTC is one of partnership. We formed in 2005 as part of Holy Trinity Brompton's (HTB) family of ministries, which includes Alpha. In 2007 SPTC joined with other partners to form St Mellitus College, which has become the fastest-growing theological college in the Church of England, enabling people to train and study on accredited courses while working in the local church.

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As we seek to bring theology into the heart of the church, we want to ensure that wherever you encounter SPTC you can be assured of the values that we share:

  • Theology at the Heart of the Church:  We believe that theology is best taught in the context of worship and prayer, where it is done with and in the presence of God. SPTC and its partners will always seek to teach theology in the context of worship.
  • Generous Orthodoxy:  We are committed to exploring and expounding the ‘faith once handed down to the saints’, combining academic excellence with a generosity of spirit. SPTC and its partners will share this same commitment to a generous orthodoxy.
  • Leadership in Mission:  We believe the church thrives when focused on its mission; our commitment is to see the characters and skills of men and women formed in the service of God.
  • Unity in the Spirit:  Our unity is founded in an expectation of the presence and power of the Holy Spirit in all Christians. SPTC and its partners will seek to combine theological teaching with openness to the ministry and experience of the Holy Spirit.
  • Alpha:  SPTC is one of the family of ministries emerging out of HTB and Alpha International. SPTC partners need to be in sympathy with and supportive of the ethos and values underlying HTB, Alpha and its wider network of churches.