School of Theology

Life Track

Mission | Revd Dr Sharon Prentis

1. Mission: A Biblical Perspective - Revd Dr Sharon Prentis
2. Mission: Sent and Being Sent - Revd Dr Sharon Prentis
3. Christian Missions and Contemporary Themes - Revd Dr Sharon Prentis
£20 - Book on for all 3 for £50 (saving £10)
Bible Track

The Gospel of John | Rachael Wooldridge

1. Believing … in John’s Gospel - Rachael Wooldridge
2. Belonging … in John’s Gospel - Rachael Wooldridge
3. Beginning … in John’s Gospel - Rachael Wooldridge
£20 - Book on for all 3 for £50 (saving £10)
Faith Track

Overview of Church History: 2000 years in 3 weeks | Joseph Diwakar

1. The Church in the Making (0-500 a.d) - Joseph Diwakar
2. The Church in the Middle (500-1500 a.d)) - Joseph Diwakar
3. The Church in Modernity (1500-2021 a.d) - Joseph Diwakar
£20 - Book on for all 3 for £50 (saving £10)

School of Theology is our introductory course to theology. It is perfect for anyone who would like to deepen their faith and understanding of the Bible, for those who have recently come to faith, or those who have been Christians for many years. Now celebrating its nineteeth year, School of Theology has been instrumental in driving forward SPTC’s vision to see theology at the heart of the church. Each year we welcome around 250 people on School of Theology at our centre in London.  

School of Theology

School of Theology has moved online! We are running three 3-week bitesize courses in the Summer Term on BibleTrack, FaithTrack or LifeTrack. It takes place on Thursday nights live on Zoom from 7-8pm. 

For more information about the course, please email or follow us on twitter @SPTCuk 




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