School of Theology - Streamed FAQ

Each track consists of 8 weeks of talks, with each talk being 1 hour long, including short breaks for discussion and finished with questions for further group discussion. Talks are made available as a high quality video recording (example below) to watch online via a Vimeo link, along with online access to the handouts. For the first 8 weeks you will receive a weekly email notifying you of the new talk that has been uploaded. Host Churches have the flexibility of where and when to gather for SoT Streamed – you may choose to gather at a weekly discipleship group, or over a weekend.

For more information including costs, or to apply to host SoT Streamed, please contact the team

We ask that the video content is shown in community (this could be a small group or a larger gathering), with someone who is able to facilitate the discussion times and host it in the context of prayer and worship. It's a great idea to provide refreshments, perhaps even a meal, and print the handouts for your guests. Churches will need access to a good internet connection, a good quality screen and good speakers. Unfortunately the videos are not available for download but only to stream from the internet. You will have access to the links for 6 months, after which the content will expire.