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The regular team are joined by David Hillborn, Director of the North Thames Ministerial Training College, in considering a panoramic sweep of theological issues. The doctrine of God is high on the list, with subjects such as the nature of Jesus and the Trinity among the subjects discussed, as well as the death of Christ and life after death. And bringing this particular discussion to a conclusion, the team discuss our calling to worship God.

Graham Tomlin on Archbishop Rowan Williams and Sharia Law - Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, gave a lecture in February 2008 addressing the role of Islamic Sharia Law in Britain. His comments provoked interest in the press, and here Graham Tomlin talks about his take on the matter.

Does God get what he wants all the time? How do his will and our freedom fit into the course of history, and how does prayer affect situations? Graham, Mike and Jane also look at the authority of the church as an institution and the canonicity of scripture.