In this GodPod Graham and Jane are joined by Marilynne Robinson and Catherine Fox. This GodPod was recorded as part of a lecture given by Marilynne Robinson on 'Theology for our Time'. This lecture was part of the McDonald Lecture Series – a collaboration between St Mellitus College and the McDonald Agape Foundation, enables through a generous donation from the McDonald Agape Foundation.

In this one the usual team are joined by missiologist Paul Weston to discuss the life and work of the great missionary theologian Lesslie Newbigin.

American theologian Ellen Charry, Professor at Princeton Theological Seminary, joins Graham and Mike for a discussion around human flourishing, why Augustine is the most fascinating of all theologians, and happiness.

Jane and Graham in dialogue discuss personal theological and spiritual development, how their own faiths have evolved and the books that have inspired them over the years. They conclude with a discussion on the transformative purpose of theology.

GodPod turns 50! The original team celebrate to the sound of popping champagne corks. (Well, sparkling wine, at least.) And while sipping on their bubbly, Graham, Mike and Jane discuss their vision for theology at the heart of the church, one of the core values of St Paul’s Theological Centre. Plus... is there any humour in the Bible? And is there anything that God cannot do?

HTB leaders past and present gather together during the church’s unusually sunny annual week away to answer questions from the congregation.  Graham is joined by current vicar Nicky Gumbel and associate vicar Archie Coates, as well as worship leader Tim Hughes and former vicar of HTB, Sandy Miller, with questions deftly fielded by Andy Emerton.  What is the relationship between the church and the Kingdom of God, and do Christians have a monopoly on living out the Kingdom? How should the church work with secular organisations? The panel also discuss the place of the Trinity in the theology of the Alpha Course, and of singing in worship, before moving on to the stewardship of money, and the books of the Apocrypha. They also touch on the sensitive issue of prayer ministry in the face of terminal illness.

Nick Spencer, Director of Studies at the Christian think tank Theos, joins Graham, Mike and Jane to debate the ethics of Christian approaches to immigration and military conflict.