The resident theologians are joined by Luke Bretherton, Senior Lecturer in Theology and Politics, and Convenor of the Faith and Public Policy Forum at Kings College, London. Luke explores what contemporary urban spirituality might look like, and the team discuss the relationship between church and state in US politics, in the light of Barack Obama’s victory in the American presidential elections.

Stephen Backhouse joins the resident theologians to discuss patriotism and citizenship in the context of the Christian faith. Who exactly is our neighbour? Author of a report for the Christian think tank Theos entitled ‘Red, White, Blue… and Brown: Citizens, Patriots and the Prime Minister’, Stephen explores the insights of the Danish philosopher-theologian Søren Kierkegaard on the relationship between nationalism and the Christian faith. And in this discussion of church and state, there is a new addition to the team – Chris Tilling, New Testament lecturer at SPTC, who joins the GodPod regulars for the first time.