Old Testament

Should Christians be vegetarians for ethical reasons? The regular team debates this, and the question of how Old Testament laws fit into New Testament ethics.

Graham and Mike take the GodPod on tour to St George’s, Holborn, in central London, where they grapple with a vibrant range of theological questions from the congregation. Joined by curate Lizzie Wolfe, they discuss everything from the nature of Christ, to the relevance of tithing and Old Testament Law; and from the atonement to the existence of hell. And Mike puts his finger on the most crucial question of all… where exactly are the biscuits?

What is ‘the Gospel’ and what do we make of the Old Testament? Amy Orr-Ewing from the Zacharias Trust, an author, apologist, and church leader in south-east London, joins Graham, Mike and Jane to discuss.

Alister McGrath joins Graham, Mike and Jane to discuss issues raised by prominent secular atheists such as Richard Dawkins. What can we say about the character of God as portrayed in the Bible, and what is the relationship between the Old Testament and the New? What about the relationship between science and faith? Joined by students from St Paul’s Theological Centre, Alister also considers revelation in scripture, in Jesus, and in the natural world.