In this episode, the usual team is joined by Professor John Swinton from the University of Aberdeen to think about questions of suffering and evil raised by the COVID pandemic, the experience of the absence of God, and how to find Jesus in the storm of mental health affliction

Mike, Jane and Graham continue their series on heresies, this time looking at manichaeism and why the world is not the result of the equal forces of good and evil.

In this Godpod the team discuss: Angels, Demons and Polygamy.

Jane, Graham and Mike discuss a number of GodPod listeners’ recent questions including different interpretations of the Eucharist, how Christians should relate to the environment, and is there a possibility that God can sometimes ‘use’ the existence of evil to achieve a purpose?

God encompasses the vastness of the universe, but chooses to relate to humanity in a personal way, on this apparently trivial little planet. What is the place of humanity in the purposes of God? And if there is life on other planets, is Jesus’ incarnation, death, and resurrection valid for the whole cosmos? Secondly, what does Jesus mean when he says in Luke 10:18 that he “saw Satan fall like lightening from heaven,” and how do we interpret biblical language about the spiritual realm? And finally, should we, as individuals and as communities, respond to aggression by “turning the other cheek”?

Graham, Mike and Jane turn their attention to the question of God’s plans for our lives. What are his promises to us, and to the Church as the people of God? And why does God sometimes seem to sit back and allow bad things to happen to us?

Why did God create the world? And why has God allowed Satan to exist? Jon March, a curate at HTB, joins Mike and Jane to debate the origin of the world and of evil… and to discuss the important question of whether or not it’s legitimate to pray for your football team to win.

Where does evil come from? And what happens when we die? Graham Tomlin and Mike Lloyd dive straight in with two of life’s biggest questions on this, the first GodPod.