Jane, Graham and Mike discuss a number of GodPod listeners’ recent questions including different interpretations of the Eucharist, how Christians should relate to the environment, and is there a possibility that God can sometimes ‘use’ the existence of evil to achieve a purpose?

God encompasses the vastness of the universe, but chooses to relate to humanity in a personal way, on this apparently trivial little planet. What is the place of humanity in the purposes of God? And if there is life on other planets, is Jesus’ incarnation, death, and resurrection valid for the whole cosmos? Secondly, what does Jesus mean when he says in Luke 10:18 that he “saw Satan fall like lightening from heaven,” and how do we interpret biblical language about the spiritual realm? And finally, should we, as individuals and as communities, respond to aggression by “turning the other cheek”?

GodPod’s resident theologians are joined by Dave Bookless and Will Campbell-Clause from the Christian environmental organisation A Rocha. What might it mean for us to be stewards of creation? [Recorded 26 February 2009]