The Bible

In this GodPod Graham Tomlin and Jane Williams meet over a large plate of biscuits to discuss how they read the bible and how to get the best out of the reading of scripture, especially in the light of historical and critical readings of the text.

This GodPod includes part of a panel discussion after the latest Generous Orthodoxy lecture delivered by Fleming Rutledge

In this GodPod, Graham, Jane and Mike start by discussing the inspiration of scripture, and go onto talk about suffering and how some suffer more than others.

In this GodPod, Graham and Jane are joined by Steve Smith, Tutor and Lecturer in New Testament Studies at St Mellitus College. They discuss Luke–Acts, the Kindom of God and the reading of scripture.

In this one Graham and Mike are joined by Dr Chris Tilling, Senior New Testament Lecturer at St Mellitus College. This GodPod looks at questions of the historicity of the Bible, and has an emphasis on Biblical Studies and the New Testament.

The one where Graham, Jane and guest conversation-partner Lincoln Harvey discuss what the 'image of God' means, whether Jesus would have died if he had not chosen to go to the cross, and how you know whether you are deceiving yourself when you try to read the Bible