Andrew Walker, Professor of Theology and Education at King’s College London, joins Graham, Mike, and Jane to discuss ecumenicism and the Holy Spirit. Taking us through the debates and councils of the early church, Andrew explains the background to the different understandings of the nature of the Holy Spirit between the eastern and western churches. He also adds a personal note, talking about his own journey of faith and his membership of the Orthodox Church.

Andy Emerton, Director of St Paul’s Theological Centre, joins the GodPod team for the first time. The team open the discussion this week with consideration of Christian ideas about souls and physicality, in contrast with Platonic and Gnostic thought. They continue with the issue of poverty and the church, and go on to look at differences in approaches to the Bible between the Catholic, Orthodox and Protestants churches, particularly the canonicity of the Apocrypha.

Reflecting on their recent visits to China and Russia, while Mike is left running the place, Graham and Jane discuss the global church. Graham relates his experience of the Alpha course in the Orthodox Church, while Jane talks about the state and underground churches in China, covering subjects such as persecution and church growth, and the relationship between secular authorities and the church. The team also consider guidance, calling, and spiritual discernment.